Dermatoglyphics Neuro Scientific Evaluation – DNE

Course Fee: AED 1000 per Month
Course Duration: Weekly Once, Each Session is 90 minutes
Age Group: 2 years and above



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Dermatoglyphics is a science which is a part of anthropology that studies the patterns in fingers, palms and soles. The patterns in our palms are unique and heavily linked with one’s genetic composition, and are closely related to the central nervous system.The ridges and their characteristics as they appear on the fingers and palms are unique, permanent and remain unchanged throughout life. Dermatoglyphics evaluate one’s inborn intelligences through simple biometrics, where fingerprints are used as a medium to understand working patterns of the brain so that we can capitalize on the natural strengths and take informed decisions throughout the life of an individual.


  • Age 2-4: Guidance on the best School board selection and activity classes
  • Age 5-8: Best suited learning styles for kids, best hobby classes and Do’s and Don’ts for parents
  • Age 9-12: Kids start taking their own decisions, may start forming their own opinions based on social influence. We help parents recognize this situation and guide the kid accordingly
  • Age 13-18: Kids are at cross roads to select streams. Rigidity, confusion in making decisions. We help in identification of stress trigger points in kids and help them make decisions with clarity.
  • Age 19-30: Guidance on Professional choices, Leadership skills, Decision making abilities and many more.
  • Age 30+ : Guidance on how to navigate mid-life crisis, alternative income, Introspection, Pressure handling capabilities and many more.


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