Fly High

Course Fee: AED 400/600 per Month
Course Duration: Weekly Once, Each Session is 90 minutes
Age Group:
Juniors 6 years to 12 years – Level 1 – AED 400
Seniors 13 years to 17 years – Level 2 – AED 600



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A program designed for the next level of excellence in communication skills to upskill kids and teens for a better tomorrow.

It’s a four-module program running for 16 sessions. Each session inculcates the best practices for enhancing observation skills, opinion development, critical thinking and socializing skills. Above all this program is dedicated to developing effective vocabulary skills. A large vocabulary helps with all aspects of communication, including hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. Vocabulary is important for a child’s development for the following reasons: Vocabulary development is closely related to academic achievement. Enormous fun activities, knowledge sharing, etiquettes of a mindful communication style are the learnings for every participant. This program not only boosts their confidence levels but also equips them to be effective leaders by managing their team by exhibiting active listening as well as decision making capabilities. Expert advice from our guest speakers proved to be the highlight of knowledge sharing activities. Experts from different professions were interviewed by our participants, which paved way for the advanced learning and development of their knowledge base.


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