Drama and Debate

Course Fee: AED 500 per Month
Course Duration: Weekly Once, Each Session is 90 minutes
Age Group: Juniors 7 years to 12 years



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Voice modulation and acting is always the best way to learn better communication skills.
It aids in the development of,

  • Confidence building
  • Expressing emotions positively
  • Team collaboration and cooperation
  • Encouragement

Effective communication, Problem solving ability, quick decision making ability, Social awareness and many more qualities.

This is a four-module program which runs for four months. The participants benefit from regular practice of debates in various topics enabling the development of versatility in communication skills.

Debate is not about just winning an argument. While you might not have an argument every day, you almost certainly will have disagreements and differences of opinion on a regular basis. You can defuse a situation that was otherwise quickly escalating by debating rather than arguing. You should take a few steps back and consider your words before speaking louder. You can improve your critical thinking abilities, which are necessary in everyday living, by debating. Critical thinking is the capacity to formulate well-reasoned reasoning while also challenging the veracity of the supporting data.

It develops
Quick thinking ability, Problem solving skills, Fine articulation of thoughts, Emotional balance, Inclusion of entire team members, finding the best out of the worst situation, excellent presentation skills and we could witness transformation in each and every individual.


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