Communication Skills (Trinity College of London certified )

Course Fee: AED 600 per Month
Course Duration: Weekly Once, Each Session is 90 minutes
Age Group: 6 years & above

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At the verge of completing our 20 session Communication skills and interpersonal skills coaching, we connect with the Trinity center Dubai and facilitate the participation of our smart champs in the Trinity Communication Skills Examination Conducted by Trinity College of London. Employability skills, a critical component of 21st century skills, can be defined as transferable skills that can have a positive effect in education and the workplace, and these key skills are incorporated into these specifications to help candidates grow on multiple levels.

TRINITY COMMUNICATION SKILLS develops Interpersonal and communication abilities
The capacity to express yourself clearly and concisely listening and relating to others, as well as acting on important information/instructions. These examinations place a premium on assessing effective verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
Each task at each stage encourages candidates to learn and practice these skills.

Candidates refine their skills through the reflection task and the conversation that follows each presentation. Understanding a situation by breaking it down into smaller parts and identifying its important issues and implications in order to find solutions many of the activities in the Communication Skills exams are concerned with problem-solving abilities. They are evaluated verbally, with a special emphasis on candidates’ ability to respond quickly to new information. Creativity is the capacity to apply knowledge from multiple fields to solve a problem. The capacity to generate original and imaginative situations by developing creative responses to challenges. This skill is evaluated through activities that require candidates to articulate themselves and take personal ownership of their ideas and knowledge. A sense of assurance Belief in one’s ability to complete a job successfully.

The ability to be organized and methodical. The ability to plan work to reach deadlines and targets. The ability to monitor job progress to ensure deadlines are met. Being prepared and organized in the exam room is an important component of the evaluation. Candidates are expected to study and prepare their presentations, as well as to be responsible for the necessary tools and hard copy information for the exams. Ability to analyze and deconstruct material to comprehend how its specific impact is achieved through language and meaning Candidates improve their critical thinking and analytical skills by practicing and preparing for the presentations and key-skills assignments. Teamwork is the ability to collaborate effectively with people from various fields, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.


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