Course Fee: AED 400 per month
Course Duration: Weekly Twice, 60 Minutes each
Age Group: 6 years and above

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French is the second most widely learned language and also the second most widely taught language after English. This aesthetically pleasing language has the benefit of being an easy language to learn especially for students who are proficient in English, but like many foreign languages students may need a little extra help to be able to excel in the language. The very experienced teachers at Mind Waves will lay the fundamentals of the languages perfectly in each student. Our French tuition classes provide personalized instruction to help students master the French language and develop their reading, writing, and speaking skills. We offer tuition for various levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced, and focus on building a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. Our goal is to help students achieve fluency in French, gain an understanding of French culture, and build confidence in their abilities.

Course Outline:

  • Basic French grammar and vocabulary
  • Reading and writing French
  • French conversation and pronunciation
  • Advanced French grammar and vocabulary
  • Introduction to French culture and society


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