Sudhila Anand

Sudhila Anand is a certified consultant and innate skill evaluator, specializing in fingerprint analysis. With 9 years of experience in this profession, she has successfully served more than 700 clients across all age groups. Her expertise includes guiding students in choosing their academic streams and assisting older students in selecting their career paths. Additionally, she helps students identify their learning styles and personalities, providing remedies to enhance their strengths.

Using scientific skills, Sudhila evaluates and maps the human brain to identify clients’ strengths and limitations, offering remedies for areas of improvement. Remarkably, this evaluation is done without requiring the client to answer any questions. She firmly believes that fingerprints reveal essential information about a person’s core potential strengths and areas for improvement. Furthermore, she can accurately identify health symptoms to which a person is highly prone.

Her services are applicable to various groups, including children, housewives, working professionals, corporate employees, and couples. Understanding oneself is crucial to achieving the best outcomes.

Her services are as follows:

  • For Students: Assisting them in choosing the right academics and activities for excelling in their pursuits.
  • For Individuals: Helping them determine the appropriate career and profession that aligns with their strengths.
  • For Corporates: Providing complete individual assessments to match individual strengths with their skill sets.
  • For Children: Suggesting suitable extracurricular activities and the right teaching methods to enhance their development.

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